Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Happy Birthday Dave Sim

Birthday wishes go out to Dave Sim today, born back in 1956 in Hamilton, Ontario. He's best known for his long running self-published comic "Cerebus The Aardvark" that ran for 300 issues but I highly recommend picking up his new venture "Glamourpuss". I've always enjoyed stories about the creative process and Dave doesn't disappoint with his take on the evolution of the comics strip medium through the hands of Alex Raymond, Milton Caniff and Stan Drake to name but a few. It's a mixture of fact and conjecture and he even goes as far as recreating their art instead of printing bad copies of the original work. No small feat. While the other half of the book doesn't always grab me (the world of fashion being an easy target having descended into self-parody long ago) it's still funny stuff.
And since this is my blog, the page above is from "Ali-Baba: Scourge of the Desert". It featured seven pages that Dave initially did the layouts for in 1976, and then with finished pencils by me in 1985 and published by Caliber in 1993. It was written by James Waley who was born on the 14th by the way, so belated birthday wishes go out to Jim as well.

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